1963 Cadillac Sixty Special - 8th Gen

CMB $21,440
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For Sale 0
Avg $12,808
Listings 4
Sales Count 3
Sell through 75%
Dollar Volume $38,425
Lowest Sale $4,675
Top Sale $20,000
Most Recent $20,000
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Automatic · LHD · Restored-Original
Auction · 6 months ago
Greensboro, NC, USA Greensboro, NC, USA
Auction · 1 year ago
Greensboro, NC, USA Greensboro, NC, USA
Auction · 2 years ago
Schaumburg, IL, USA Schaumburg, IL, USA
Auction · 4 years ago
Kissimmee, FL, USA Kissimmee, FL, USA
Auction · 6 years ago
Denver, CO, USA Denver, CO, USA
Auction · 7 years ago
Scottsdale, AZ, USA Scottsdale, AZ, USA


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