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April 2022 Classic Car Auction Results

The charts below represent the results from collector car auctions in April 2022 based on data collected by CLASSIC.COM – the search engine and analytics platform for the classic car market. Want alerts when your favorite classic cars go to auction? Visit CLASSIC.COM

Auction Sales Stats

Dollar volumes and listings sold in April 2022 vs April 2021
April 2022 April 2021 %

Dollar Volume

$227.7m $158.1m 44%


5,808 5,682 2%

Listings Sold

4,123 4,626 (11)%

Sell through

71.0% 81.4% (13)%

Top Sale

$1.7m $1.9m (11)%

Avg Sale

$55,234 $34,179 62%
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Top 10 Flips & Flops

Re-sales detected in April 2022. Who sold it best?

Top 10 Makes

Top 10 classic car brands sold at auction in April 2022.
April 2022 April 2021 %
Chevrolet $36.8m $19.5m 88%
Porsche $36.1m $24.3m 48%
Ford $32.0m $16.4m 95%
Mercedes-Benz $12.4m $11.7m 7%
BMW $10.5m $7.4m 41%
Ferrari $9.8m $7.7m 28%
Land Rover $5.6m $2.1m 166%
Dodge $5.3m $5.9m (9)%
Aston Martin $5.2m $2.6m 99%
Jaguar $4.3m $5.2m (18)%

Top 10 Models

Top 10 classic car models sold at auction in April 2022.
April 2022 April 2021 %
911 $27.8m $19.5m 42%
Corvette $16.2m $6.9m 133%
GT $7.3m $1.2m 491%
Shelby Mustang $5.9m $2.6m 131%
Bronco $5.4m $1.3m 323%
Camaro $5.3m $2.6m 107%
SL $5.2m $4.9m 6%
Mustang $4.6m $3.7m 23%
Defender $3.6m $1.2m 211%
3 Series $3.5m $2.2m 58%

Top 10 Sales

Highest auction sales this month.

About this data

All results are unofficial. For official results, please consult directly with the auction house. Please note:

  1. Some auction houses include fees, and some do not. Data is consistent for each auction house.
  2. Non-USD currencies are converted to USD on the day of sale using data from Exchange Rates API
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